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CASC launch virtual e-learning course

Would your staff benefit from being able to access high quality clinical audit training that they can access at any time? Would you like clinicians and key stakeholders in your organisation to understand the fundamentals in clinical audit, with case studies and best practice guidance helping them to facilitate audits that improve care and safety for patients? If so, the Fundamentals of Clinical Audit online certificate that we have set up with Healthcare Conferences UK is for you. This course has been painstakingly created and user tested and learners who join can access the materials 24/7 for up to one year. The online training is highly interactive with course materials updated every 6 months. You can book as a single learner, or we can support teams and all staff groups on the course. For more details, click here.

Book for Clinical Audit and PSIRF

The Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) was formally launched on 16 August 2022. PSIRF represents a considerable change in the way that patient safety incidents are managed and will see the disappearance of the Serious Incident Framework. PSIRF represents a considerable workload for NHS Trusts and is arguably the biggest change to how patient safety is managed since the NHS was established in 1948. While lots of focus for PSIRF has been on SEIPS and human factors, After Action Reviews, better engagement of families and improved interviewing techniques, when it comes to clinical audit there has been relatively little debate. However, for Trusts to maximise their PSIRF work they must understand and utilise clinical audit tools. Indeed, clinical audit underpins effective delivery of PSIRF at many levels. In collaboration with Healthcare Conferences UK, CASC have set up a half-day course that will look at the partnership between PSIRF and clinical audit. To find out more and book your place, click here.

New resources to help promote clinical audit

We are delighted to be able to keep updating resources that we have designed and created (often with the help of our brilliant illustrator Amy Bradley) that help promote the value of clinical audit. We are determined to ensure that clinical audit is seen as a quality improvement methodology that makes a real difference to the care of patients and not a boring, tick-box exercise. With this in mind, we are building on our established resources by releasing two new images that help promote the value of clinical audit. The first plays on the view that clinical audit is a tick-box exercise and is available here. The second links to the clinical audit work of Florence Nightingale and is available here. In addition to our new resources, we have created short films that demonstrate the value of clinical audit. The one-minute offering is available here with the longer version available here. We have also created a poster which explains how valuable clinical audit professionals are, available here and a poster that demonstrates why national clinical audits are important, available here. All these resources can be freely used. However, they must not be adapted without our permission and CASC must be acknowledged when they are utilised.

Request your CASC information pack

CASC have developed an electronic brochure that provides you with more details of the work that we support. There are lots of examples of how we can support clinical audit and quality improvement projects, plus the brochure includes sections on: accredited training, consultancy, patient safety work, help we provide to staff in primary care, case studies, clinical audit awareness week, etc.

Take a look at ‘stuff CASC like’

The CASC team like to keep as up-to-date as possible and we enjoy examining a wide range of materials and resources. This ‘stuff we like’ section does what it says on the tin! We will re-fresh this section of our homepage approximately every month and our aim is to focus on highlighting useful and ideally less mainstream materials that those working in audit, QI and patient safety will find stimulating and useful.

Get a copy of CASC’s latest jobs bulletin

Since 2009 the CASC team have diligently searched through the NHS Jobs website to identify current clinical audit and clinical effectiveness vacancies. From this information we produce our weekly clinical audit jobs bulletin and typically this is released every Monday. By producing this document, we aim to save local audit staff looking for new opportunities lots of time.



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