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CASC survey: interim report

We are delighted to be able to release the interim report for our annual clinical audit survey. CASC first ran the survey in 2010 so we now have nine sets of data, over eight years to compare. We would like to thank all 183 respondents that took the time to provide feedback. Once again, the majority of respondents classified themselves as a ‘clinical audit professional’ (60%) and 55% work in acute care. Highlights this year include: a significant jump in respondents stating they feel ‘more positive’ towards clinical audit than a year ago (up to 45% from 32% in 2017), a small improvement in views on national audits, a sharp rise in the number of respondents stating they have more local resources for clinical audit and a clear drop in the number stating they intend to leave audit in the next 5 years. This time we have also collected valuable feedback on: the best attributes of NCAs and suggestions on how the national audits can be improved, click here. Read the interim report, here. Take a look at our one-page summary, here.

Key national documents released

As many of you will be aware, a number of new keynote documents were published in January 2019 that have significant implications for those of us working in clinical audit and quality improvement. The NHS Long Term Plan, available here, sets out how the NHS will adapt to and meet a number of key challenges over the next decade. The plan focuses on affordability of the service, the need to address health inequalities and the need to ensure care is safe and high quality. Clinical audit and QI feature within the plan and CASC have created a simple one-page guide that highlights the key points, click here. In addition, January 2019 also marked the publication of Investment and Evolution: a five-year framework for GP contract reform, available here. This document has clinical audit very much at its heart and states that there will be a new CVD national clinical audit for primary care. The framework also provides details of important QOF changes, plus information on prescribing and end of life care audits that practices will be expected to take part in. We have created a one-page flyer that identifies the new clinical audit arrangements, click here.

What is clinical audit in 2019?

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the Working for Patients White Paper, the document that in effect formalised NHS arrangements for what was then termed ‘medical audit’ and what we now know as ‘clinical audit’. With this in mind and given what appears to be almost constant debate on social media and at meetings we attend, we thought that 30 years presents the ideal opportunity to reflect on how we define clinical audit. As part of this project we aim to find out if we collectively use the same definition for ‘clinical audit’. Further, we hope to work collaboratively with as many stakeholders as possible to consider if a new definition for ‘clinical audit’ is required and if so, what that definition should be. To commence this project, we have created a short survey that asks how you currently define ‘clinical audit’. This will help us to identify what definitions are currently in circulation. Following this initial phase, we will release another short survey to determine if there is consensus on a singular definition and if not, consider how ‘clinical audit’ should be defined in 2019. Please take a moment to complete this initial survey, here.

Request your CASC information pack

CASC have developed an electronic brochure that provides you with more details of the work that we support. There are lots of examples of how we can support clinical audit and quality improvement projects, plus the brochure includes sections on: accredited training, consultancy, patient safety work, help we provide to staff in primary care, case studies, clinical audit awareness week, etc.

Take a look at ‘stuff CASC like’

The CASC team like to keep as up-to-date as possible and we enjoy examining a wide range of materials and resources. This ‘stuff we like’ section does what it says on the tin! We will re-fresh this section of our homepage approximately every month and our aim is to focus on highlighting useful and ideally less mainstream materials that those working in audit, QI and patient safety will find stimulating and useful.

Get a copy of CASC’s latest jobs bulletin

Since 2009 the CASC team have diligently searched through the NHS Jobs website to identify current clinical audit and clinical effectiveness vacancies. From this information we produce our weekly clinical audit jobs bulletin and typically this is released every Monday. By producing this document, we aim to save local audit staff looking for new opportunities lots of time.


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