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Clinical Audit Today


Clinical Audit Today was launched in the Autumn of 2008 and is currently the only “pure” clinical audit journal available in the UK. The journal is produced by the Clinical Audit Support Centre and always features a range of current and interesting articles relating to audit. Each journal includes a thought-provoking editorial by one of the CASC Directors plus the latest national news from NAGCAE, HQIP, NQICAN (formerly NAGG) etc and a signposting page detailing forthcoming events.

The journal is produced on a periodically and is freely available online. We welcome articles from healthcare professionals and audit staff and details of how to write for the journal appear in each issue. Details of previous journal appear below and you can access each issue by clicking on the relevant link.

Previous journals:

  • Volume 6, Issue 1 (August 2013) Click here
  • Editorial: Introducing award winning junior doctor clinical audits
  • 1st place 2011: An apple a day keeps a VTE at bay
  • 1st place 2012: Falling rates or falling flat? Can a multifactorial assessment and interventional programme decrease inpatient falls in an elderly care ward?
  • Plus three other award winning clinical audits from 2011/12
  • Volume 5, Issue 2 (October 2012) Click here
  • Editorial: 2012 – Time to celebrate
  • Burton Hospital’s award winning approach to junior doctor audit
  • Finalists of CASC’s Audit Innovation Awards share their work
  • Clinical Audit in Gondar Hospital, Ethiopia
  • Volume 5, Issue 1 (February 2012) Click here
  • Editorial: 2012 – The Pivotal Year for Clinical Audit
  • National Audits and Dis-invigoration by John Hignett
  • NICE Clinical Audit Survey by Kirsty Maclean-Steel
  • How to improve National Clinical Audits by CASC Directors
  • Volume 4, Issue 1 (July 2011) Click here
  • Editorial by Stephen Ashmore
  • Prize winning junior doctor audits from 2010
  • Will quality improvement engage more than clinical audit? by Drs Stanton and Baksi
  • A Clinical Audit Manager’s Eye View by Karen Powell
  • Volume 3, Issue 3 (December 2010) Click here
  • Editorial: You’ll win nothing with kids
  • Involving patients in clinical audit by Ashmore and Ruthven
  • What’s New at NICE with Kirsty Maclean-Steel
  • Alternative Christmas Carols by John Grant-Casey
  • Volume 3, Issue 2 (July 2010) Click here
  • Editorial: Three conversations in 2010
  • The work of the GAIN by Nicola Porter
  • Clinical Audit Interview with Ian Coyle
  • What’s your is mine and what’s mine’s my own by John Grant-Casey
  • Volume 3, Issue 1 (February 2010) Click here
  • Editorial: 16 years on: is clinical audit still exciting?
  • Research, Audit, Improvement and Design by Simon Dodds
  • Driving change and reducing the risk of falls by Halima Begum
  • It doesn’t matter how big your is; what’s important is what you do with it! by John Grant-Casey
  • Volume 2, Issue 3 (September 2009) Click here
  • Editorial: Is the clinical audit glass half-full or half empty?
  • Clinical governance in medical education by Eleanore Lyons et al
  • It’s all about Quality by George Absi
  • Interview with Ben Bridgewater
  • Bradshaw, Whitaker’s or what? By John Grant-Casey
  • Volume 2, Issue 2 (June 2009) Click here
  • Editorial: It’s raining men, hallelujah?
  • HQIP at the Belfry: Hole-in-one or lost ball by Gemma Barker
  • Forget Google, ask me! by John Grant-Casey
  • Does Clinical Audit do what it says on the tin? By Neil Hampson
  • Volume 2, Issue 1 (February 2009) Click here
  • Editorial: Time for clinical audit to prove its worth
  • Looking towards the future by Martin Ferris
  • Re-audit revival by Julie Jones
  • Initial thoughts on clinical audit by Alistair Bogaars
  • Volume 1, Issue 1 (October 2008) Click here
  • Editorial: All aboard the reinvigoration express
  • A GPs perspective on clinical audit verses SEA by Dr David Shepherd
  • HQIP: The new voice in healthcare improvement by Robin Burgess
  • Five top tips for reinvigorating clinical audit by ex-audit staff