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Software suppliers

SNAP Surveys

Snap surveys was founded in 1981 and their website claims that there are currently over 30,000 people using their software and services. Snap have developed a range of survey tools available via online, paper and PDA/kiosk formats. Visit their website to watch online demonstrations and to download a free trial.


Formic specialise in data capture technology and claim to have 600 clients and more than 2000 installations worldwide. Formic’s website claims that their software can make data capture for clinical audit 50 times faster than manual data entry. Visit their website for more information in relation to the software, consultancy and training support they provide.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

CRT specialise in a range of powerful solutions for the capture of customer satisfaction survey results, patient experience tracking and public consultation feedback. CRT was established in 2001 and claim that over one million people give feedback each year using their tools. Visit their website to find out more about the support they offer.


Speedwell have been at the forefront of automated data entry techniques since the mid-1990s and provide a range of IT solutions to aid capture and processing of information. Their website includes an online demonstration and many example surveys.

Box Technologies

Box technologies was founded in 1992 and claims to be the UK’s leading technology and service solutions provider.


SurveyMonkey claims to be the world's most popular web-based survey tool. SurveyMonkey allows uses to generate powerful, yet simple surveys enabling fast response gathering and intelligent results analysis. SurveyMonkey is a cost effective resource and has been widely used by healthcare providers, including the Department of Health.