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The Clinical Audit Support Centre have gained considerable experience over the years working with healthcare professionals and teams to try and improve patient safety. Over the last fifteen years we have:

  • worked with the National Patient Safety Agency to conduct an important study examining the quality and impact of significant event audit reports within a Primary Care Trust in Nottinghamshire,
  • been commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) to create a national guide focusing on Root Cause Analysis tools and techniques,
  • created a poster focusing on PSIRF that has been featured on Patient Safety Learning website.

CASC team members have also been involved with work programmes that assist in the delivery of safer care for patients and service-users. As an example, CASC Directors have supported organisations as independent Freedom to Speak Up Guardians and ensured the patient voice is heard in the role of Patient Participation Group Chairman.

Training courses we offer:

The Clinical Audit Support Centre offer accredited training in a variety of formats, mainly via our partners Healthcare Conferences UK (HCUK). These training courses can be offered on a face-to-face or virtual learning basis.

The courses we currently offer are as follows:

Learning from Patient Safety Incidents

This one-day course focuses on the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework with learners looking at the various approaches now advised for examining patient safety incidents. Learners will explore what best practice in patient safety incident investigations now looks like and we examine the stages involved in conducting a patient safety investigation. Particular emphasis is placed on: setting up the investigation team, writing robust terms of reference, interviewing relevant stakeholders and writing and implementing effective action plans. To find out more about this course, click here.

The Patient Safety Incident Response Framework and Clinical Audit

This half-day course focuses on why effective clinical audit is a crucial piece of the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework jigsaw. In recent times, many new and established techniques have been lauded in relation to the effective delivery of PSIRF, but clinical audit has not often been discussed. As part of this workshop, we will be explaining and demonstrating why clinical audit has a critical role to play in PSIRF. We will also examine how clinical audit staff can be better utilised within patient safety and patient safety investigations. To find out more, click here.

Root Cause Analysis Masterclass

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an established approach to problem-solving that is utilised in many high-risk industries across the globe. Indeed, most healthcare organisations continue to use RCA to better understand their incidents and the approach is endorsed by Don Berwick and the Institute of Healthcare Improvement.

We offer accredited training in RCA via one-day and two-day courses. These courses focus on the steps involved in terms of conducting a root cause analysis investigation. We look in detail at all elements of an RCA via the use of established case studies and films. The course also examines the importance of human factors when carrying out investigations. To find out more, click here.

Significant Event Audit Masterclass

Significant Event Audit (SEA) is an established team-based approach to examining incidents that occur in healthcare. SEA has been utilised extensively over the last twenty years by primary care teams and represents a more rapid methodology to exploring failings compared to RCA and Patient Safety Incident Investigations. We offer bespoke half-day and one-day training in SEA that covers all elements of the process and teaches learners how to conduct significant event audit in their own organisation. To find out more contact us via



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